DMP 2019 China Dongguan plastics, packaging, mould making, automation, robot, 3D printing exhibition

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5° Guangdong International Robot & Intelligent Equipment Exposition (GIRIE):
21° China Dongguan International Mould, Metalworking, Plastics & Packaging Exhibition (DMP)
Guangdong International Total Robot Solution Expo

Houjie/Dongguan, Guangdong (China), 8-11 May 2019 new date

80.000 sqm - 4.500 booths - 1.200 exhibitors - 110.000 visitors

- Mould & Metalworking Exhibition:
Mould making machinery; Metalworking machinery, Alloys, steel and other raw materials; Robot & Intelligent Equipment; 3D Printing & Energy Saving products, Factory Accessories, Materials handling, Precision Testing and Measuring Instrumentation...
- Plastics & Packaging Exhibition:
Injection moulding machines, Blow moulding machines, Extrusion machines, Bag making machines, Rubber machineries; Robot, Hot Runner and other Ancillary Equipment for plastic processing; Chemicals & Raw Materials for plastics; All kind of equipment and materials for Packaging and Printing. Sub-contracting services: Mould making, metal/ plastic products manufacturing, die-casting, foundry and electro-plating...
- Sheet Metal & Laser:
Sheet metalforming machines and equipment, Laser cutting machines and equipment...

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Hall 3A: Machine Tools, Sheet Metal & Laser Cutting
Hall 3B/C: Mould & Metalworking
Hall 3C/D:  Plastic Machineries & Packaging
Hall 3E: Cutting Tools, Tools & Engineering Plastics
Hall 4B: Robots & Automation
Hall 4A: Machine Tools
Hall 5: Plastics & Packaging, 3D Printing
Hall 6: Varie
Hall 7: Hardware & Tools

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Exhibiting Costs
Hall 3
Shell booth/9 sqm: USD 2.738
Space only / sqm (min. 18 sqm) USD 288
Hall 4B
Shell booth /9 sqm: USD 1.692
Space only / sqm (min. 18 sqm): USD 178
Hall 4 A /5/6/7
Shell booth /9 sqm: USD 1.231
Space only /sqm (min. 18 sqm): USD 129

Shell booth: Carpet, 3 walls, fascia with company name, 1 counter, 2 foldable chairs, 1 bin, 2 fluorescent tubes, one 3A single phase socket (500W, not for lighting nor for machine operation).
Space Only: Min. 18 sqm, carpet not included.

Application deadline: 31 March 2019

Applicable Discounts:
3-5 booths: -10%
6 booths: -15%
8 booths and more: -20%
Prime location: +20%


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